"How is one supposed to feel after close to 24 hours on a plane?"

That's the question I was trying to ask myself as I stumbled out of the terminal into Schiphol And I'm still trying to answer that; but I think that it's almost a part of the process.

On the flight over I had started to do things I don't normally do; I've always hated salmon and scallops but found myself eating them like no tomorrow.

"Not many people are speaking English", I observed as we landed and deboarded - sharing an immigration queue with a group of asylum seekers who looked just as lost as I did, but were treated differently.

I desperately tried to find somewhere to get a mobile SIM card and walked to the train ticket counters. "First class or second class?" I ran around the station for the next twenty minutes and finally figured everything out. As I made my way into the city, eventually I realised there were bikes everywhere. I have never seen so many bikes in my life; bikes on ferries, nonetheless.

And then I remembered. This is a European City. This is a city that symbolises progress. And there is so much to be learned, observed, and to grow from. Rembrandt was known for self portraits of himself; I'm halfway across the world from anything I have ever known before. This is an opportunity to change and be changed, as they say "travel broadens the mind".

Wondering whether I've already burned through most of my prepaid data credit or, alternatively, whether I received 5 euros for being a good customer and realising I should have practiced my Dutch. Wondering if I actually understand art; wondering still where I can find almond fingers and pumpernickel bread. These are the great things that travel allows us to do.

Watching: Mustang by Deniz Ganze Erg├╝ven

Thinking: "Wealth is the ability to fully experience life" - Henry David Thoreau